Do I need any special training before I can fly a Drone?

I did not attempt to fly one yet. But, I am dying to do one!  Do I need any special training before I can fly a drone? I asked LeveTop guys, they said I don't need any particular special skill, they will send a manual with their product so that I can learn easily from that guide.

And, another question, Do I need any special permission to fly a drone? 


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Hi Clara

You don’t need any kind of special training before flying a drone but i would recommend you to start with something Smaller  ( like a nano drone ) as it will be more stable and easier to handle.

Drone permissions depend on your area and local authorities, but generally you don’t need any permission to fly nano drones.

Here are the rules in different countries:

US and UK


-Prasanna Shevare

 Drona Aviation

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