Hi Folks,

I live in the Netherlands and going to Denmark over the weekend (distance: 800 km, up North). I use the Arducopter v3.0 firmware, and it hovers quite well at home.

The magnetic declination as found here, gives me the following values (Degrees & minutes):

Netherlands: 0' 37'

Denmark: 2' 59

My question is do I need to do the compass re-calibration and Compass-mot setup again, in order to see the same (good performance)? Does this distance, make a lot of difference or not really?

Comments are appreciated.



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  • T3
    Moving north south or south north is not a big deal. But if you travel east or west a great distance it is recommended to recalibrate the Compass but it doesn't hurt to do it anyway regardless of which direction you travel on the Compass. I would recommend probably doing a compass calibration if you travel @400 km away.
    • Thanks Richard, for the information.

      I will do so accordingly.



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