I am in the process of buying components for my quad and I would like to know if I need the ppm encoder to go from the ar8000 to pixhawk?  

Any reference pictures how other did this would really help me see the best method.  

Will be using a Spectrum DX8 Radio with the ar8000.

Thank you in advance.

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    • I use the DX8 transmitter and cannot answer for the Dx7s and its ability to only use the satellite.  This might not work the same.

      If your DX7s is bound correctly to the AR8000 and working correctly with it. Then all you should have to do it plug the satellite into the SPKT/DSM port.  Are you seeing a response in Mission planner from the DX7s?  

      Pictures help to see how you have it connected

  • I just configured my Y6 / Pixhawk using the satellite rx from the AR8000.... awesome! I mounted it on the top of the back boom close to the frame. Although... I'm curious, I saw another setup with it mounted on its side like satellite RX's usually mount (opposite do regular DX). This shouldn't really matter should it?

    Took me FOREVER to figure out I had it in RTL mode and wondering why it wasn't arming? Drove me freaking crazy. This is all new to me... I'm used to flying fixed wing and some quads.... Slight learning curve... Lol
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    Hi all,

    do you know of any range tests with the remote receiver only?



    • Why,  you can't do a range test through your transmitter as normal?  


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        I am using a PPM encoder and haven't tested it with the satellite only so far. Just curious about the limitations...



  • If you attach the satellite to the pixhawk you do not need the ar8000 at all(this is how I have been flying it). You are ready to fly that y6.

    You actually only need the ppm encoder if you want to use the ar8000 and in this case the sat illite must plug into the ar8000 and not the pixhawk.

    Have fun
    • No kidding???  Wow this is awesome, I always thought satalite rx's were not as capable as the main rx?  So range isn't an issue?    Just one last question?  Ususally I bind to the AR8000... how would I bind my DX8 to the satalite on the Y6?

      You the man by the way, this is great news! 


      • You bind the transmitter to the AR8000 and will need the receiver for this part. Then connect without the receiver and your in business.

        No known range issues for me.  I have had it as far as I would want it without fpv and have had no problems.  I have not ran any range tests either just been flying it and so far so good.  

        • Thank you...  that makes pefect sense.   :)   LOL    Sounds good.

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    Yes, you will need the PPM encoder if you are going to use the AR8000 receiver which does not have a PPM output and only has individual channels.

    However, the AR8000 does come with the Spektrum Remote Receiver that can be connected directly to the Pixhawk Spektrum three pin connector input: Pixhawk compatible receivers


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