DO_SET_ROI / ROI : Howto use this option?

Hi all,

I have what appears to be a simple question: How can I let my quadopter fly a mission of 10 points and keep it oriented at a pre-defined point (the POI/ROI) during this mission?

To accomplish this I tried the "Set ROI" command in Mission Planner. This adds a line to the waypoint list called "DO_SET_ROI". It appears that my quad orients itself to the ROI on the way between the first two waypoints but for the rest of the mission it is pointed towards the next waypoint.

When I add more ROI points they seem to be ignored.

I'm flying a quadcopter with APM 2.5 hardware, an external compass and GPS module and firmware 3.1 RC2.

Did someone test the ROI functionality with firmware 3.1 RC2 and have success with it?

What parameters should I add to the DO_SET_ROI line in the waypoint list and why?

Best regards,

Jan Willem

The Netherlands

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  • Today I tried the ROI and noticed the same as you: after the first waypoint it behaves following the setting of param "WP_YAW_BEHAVIOR".

    So what did I do...I manually inserted the same roi-command before each waypoint. You just save your mission to file, open it with notepad and copy/paste the line having "201" in the 4th column. Paste it just before every waypoint-command.Then resequence the line numbers. Don't know if this is necessary, didn't try without..

    Then "load" the edited file into mission planner and send it to your quad. Works perfect!

    I guess there's still some small bug somewhere. The webpage on mission planning ( says you should use yaw-tracking option '3'. I tried all values, putting it in column 1,2,3 and 4 but no change of the initial behaviour. But for the time being, this solution does the job.

    Attached a sample that I used successfully. Have fun!



  • I also struggled with this. I wonder if you have to set an area as a Point Of Interest.  I so, how is this done?

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