DO_SET_SERVO command on Arduplane 2.28 - Mission Planner 1.1.23 - APM v2

I've seen a couple of posts about this (most of them unanswered) in deprecated software sections. I would like to know the actual status of the command DO_SET_SERVO in the latest Arduplane 2.28 version.

I'm trying to script a mission using different PWM values between some waypoints and also at the beginning of the mission, and the output (in my case channel 6) remains at 0 no matter what. Anyone got this working with the same config ?


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It was working last I checked, which was not recently.  I do know there has been at least one issue with Planner indicating that the command value (in this case pwm value) should be input in the wrong field.  You can check if planner is getting the value into the right field in eeprom by uploading a mission, then checking the mission in the CLI and seeing if the value is present and in the correct field per the command_description.txt file in the repo.

Thanks Doug,


Here is the CLI part :

command #: 0 id:183 options:1 p1:6 p2:1700 p3:472363776 p4:60260652

1700 is my PWM value and is written in parameter 2, i see that the first parameter is my channel 6 as specified.

Here is the content of the command_description.txt

Command |  ID  | Name | Parameter 1 | Parameter 2 | Parameter 3 | Parameter 4

0xB7        | 183 | MAV_CMD_DO_SET_SERVO | Servo number (5-8) | On/off (1/0) | - | -

Parameter 2 seems to wait for a binary on/off value... any idea where should i pass the PWM value ?


Looks like the fields for set servo just got cut and pasted the same as set relay (I probably did that :(  )

It should be field 1 is the channel number and field 2 is the pwm value, so your command above looks correct, except it can't be command #0.  How did you get it there?  Command 0 is just a placeholder for the home location.

Sorry Doug, i've typed the text by hand here as the log was on the PC screen, yes it's the command #1... here is a copy :

command #: 0 id:16 options:0 p1:0 p2:27744 p3:472374110 p4:60221480
command #: 1 id:183 options:1 p1:6 p2:1700 p3:472363776 p4:60260652
command #: 2 id:16 options:1 p1:0 p2:15000 p3:472361952 p4:60286512

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