Hello everyone  !

I have an APM 1 with ArduPlane V2.28 firmware.

I'm trying to use "DO_SET_SERVO" command to open the chute.

To test its action at the table before using it in flight i connect a servo to the 5th channel and make 4 commands in APM planner as shown in the attached file.

After the autopilot initialization i set its mode to auto via RC and unfortunately nothing happens. Ardupilot just holds the servo position as it was since startup. Tried clicking at "Restart mission" also.

I guess i'm doing something wrong )

I appreciate any help.

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I do not believe you can test it like that, as your mission is not a valid mission.  The mission processing always has an active navigation command.  When you initiate Auto mode, the mission processing will look for the first navigation command.  Since there is not one, it will terminate the mission.  Condition and Do commands preceding the first navigation command are always skipped.  Read the wiki page here - http://code.google.com/p/ardupilot-mega/wiki/MPWaypoint

Add a navigation command as the first command in your mission, then use Planner to jump to the set servo commands while in Auto and you should be able to test the servo command that way.  Alternately, run your test using the hardware in the loop testing - that would be the preferable way (or at least the way I have done it).

Thank you so much for the explanation!

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