Hello. I am interested in communicating with someone that owns a Sensefly eBee. I was led to believe that you could only process imagery captured using the eBee with Postflight Terra 3D. However I have seen a video on youtube that states that they used the imagery captured with the eBee in Agisoft Photoscan. I was wondering if this is posssible as I would like to be able to combine data from two different platforms but as far as I was aware this wasn't possible within Postflight Terra 3D. Thanks for any help.

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  • Hi Mark,

    Postflight Terra 3D is specifically designed for the eBee's flight log and the Sony and Canon cameras senseFly provides. I had a colleuge who works for another company and uses SimActive process eBee data and it processes no problem. You've got several answer here but just thought I would add.
  • Hi Mark,

    I'm not an eBee owner, but have been a Photoscan user for a few years.  I use data from a variety of sources in my Photoscan projects, including standard aerial imagery, quadcopters, a GateWing X100, historic imagery, etc.  If you have high-quality images from your eBee you should have no problems.  It is best if they have embedded geo information, but that is not required.  


    • Great thanks the reply Scott. I misunderstood how the imagery could be processed with the software provided with the eBee package. I thought the camera would only work with Postflight Terra 3D. However I have found that it is the other way round and it is Postflight Terra 3D that can only process images from the eBee therefore I'll be able to use the images with Photoscan..

      • Hi Mark,

        I've got an eBee and I can confirm that you can use both Postflight Terra (Pix4D) or Photoscan for post-processing. What you get after a eBee fly is a set of pictures, so you can do whatever you want.


        • Thanks for letting me know Arnaud. I misunderstood about the eBee package it is infact Postflight Terra that has the limitations and not the eBee.

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