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Geomatics Professional and Certified Photogrammetrist

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Lead UAS person for Robison Engineering Company, based in Reno, NV. An FAA Section-333 licensed commercial operator of an senseFly eBee RTK


Truckee, CA.

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Michael Detwiler replied to Blake Wuthnow's discussion Looking for mapping software
"Hi Blake,
The free version of Pix4D allows you to do full processing, but you will not be able to export anything. It's really good software but you may need to pay if you need to export the mosaic imagery. They have monthly rental fees which are…"
Jan 17, 2016
Michael Detwiler replied to Scott Eveld's discussion Planimetric software for large point clouds
"Hi Scott,
I use Global Mapper. It's a relatively cheap GIS/Mapping software package that comes with numerous tools for point clouds. The most effective for slimming down the point cloud are classification and DTM gridding. The software is about $400…"
Jan 17, 2016
Michael Detwiler replied to Alexander's discussion Help Needed with Geotagging Photos without timestamps
"Did you set out GCP's?"
Sep 19, 2015
Michael Detwiler replied to Michael DuQuette's discussion LIDAR 3d Mapping
"Hi Michael,

As far as I know the smallest LiDAR unit is the Velodyne Puck. $8000 and 830 grams. I think I'm at too big a payload for the Iris+. It's also just the sensor so you'll still need to integrate your own data storage, IMU, and GPS.…"
Sep 19, 2015
Michael Detwiler replied to Jaime Machuca's discussion UAV Generated Point Cloud Classification
"Hi Jaime,

You might want to try Global Mapper as well. It is a GIS program but you can purchase the LiDAR module and classify point clouds, automated and manual, and also export raster and vector DTM data. Global Mapper is about $400 and the LIDAR…"
Sep 19, 2015
Michael Detwiler replied to Mark Brown's discussion Does anyone here use a Sensefly eBee with Agisoft Photoscan?
"Hi Mark,

Postflight Terra 3D is specifically designed for the eBee's flight log and the Sony and Canon cameras senseFly provides. I had a colleuge who works for another company and uses SimActive process eBee data and it processes no problem.…"
Sep 19, 2015