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Hello, I'm looking into mapping some images I took with a go pro mounted on an rc plane, and was wondering if you guys could point me in the right direction. I'm looking for something that can compile about 100 images into one large photo. I have seen programs such as pix4d and was wondering if the discovery version would get the job done. Mainly want to be able to scan the picture and count cattle at this time. Thanks for any help. This may seem ignorant so please be easy on the puns... :)

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    You may start loosing cattle in the overlays so visually comparing images might be more accurate 

  • Hi Blake,

    The free version of Pix4D allows you to do full processing, but you will not be able to export anything. It's really good software but you may need to pay if you need to export the mosaic imagery. They have monthly rental fees which are the most affordable.

  • Maps Made Easy , check em out they also have a mapping App Ma Pilot.
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