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Private Pilot, A&P Mechanic.

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Remote sensing and flying machines


Morgantown, WV

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Joseph replied to Justin M's discussion I'm ready to drop 3DR, go with DJI in IRIS
"1st suggestion learn to fly and land without the autopilot. get a 50.00 hubsan x4 and fly the crap out of it. I learned to fly and can fly with the aircraft facing in any directions while instinctively making flight corrections. I also practice…"
Apr 11, 2016
Joseph posted a discussion in PIXHAWK
I'm trying to determine feasability fo making a decent reliable camera rig for a small single engine fixed wing like a Cessna 172I would like to use a full frame high quality camera, gimbal wouldn't be necessary.I'm thinking there could be a way to…
Mar 19, 2016
Joseph replied to UAVStuff's discussion Extending cable length on uBlox GPS and Telemetry Radio?
"I need to replace my gps and compass harness with new ones due to one malfunctioning/broken. I would also like to extend my cables and haven't found a source for them. I found a couple references to use Digikey but I don't know what the actual…"
Mar 4, 2016
Joseph replied to Hollen Day's discussion Pixhawk survey in PIXHAWK
"Your logs are stored in your flight controller, read the wiki."
Feb 24, 2016
Joseph replied to Jakob Sievers's discussion Fixed wing drone for thermal mapping of a large area
"Do they make carb and pitot heat for gas RC?"
Feb 12, 2016
Joseph replied to Larry Baraniuk's discussion Skywalker AP drone
"I take it you aren't in the Great White North taking pictures right now.

Are you using full size computer monitors for your base station."
Jan 31, 2016
Joseph replied to Larry Baraniuk's discussion Skywalker AP drone
"Nice set-up, I am waiting for better weather so I can Maiden the Skywalker we recently built. What is a good estimate of acreage you can cover per day?"
Jan 25, 2016
Joseph replied to Blake Wuthnow's discussion Looking for mapping software
"Maps Made Easy , check em out they also have a mapping App Ma Pilot."
Jan 4, 2016
Joseph replied to John's discussion Mapping Camera
"I'm trying to decide of an optimal inexpensive camera for a small fixed wing. And have been researching the song a series cameras. Definitely no expert and want to hear from people in using similar mirroreless in the field.

Some drawbacks I've read…"
Jan 1, 2016
Joseph replied to John's discussion Mapping Camera
"Searching for the same answer, I use an s100 with the CHDK intervalometer script. I haven't tried to apply a solution that will trigger the camera from my APM flight controller. It works pretty good I would like to try a mirroreless 24mp camera like…"
Dec 30, 2015
Joseph replied to Global_Saffer's discussion Basic mapping with Iris+ Canon S100
"Hubertus, which servo gimbal are you using? I need to find a better solution for my Y6 and S100.

Are you still using the Y6 configuration pictured above?"
Dec 26, 2015
Joseph replied to Joseph's discussion Y6A to Y6B is it as easy in Arducopter Y6 Owners
"Ok I've got it, I appreciate your help, I'll report back with how it goes later this week."
Dec 7, 2015
Joseph replied to Joseph's discussion Y6A to Y6B is it as easy in Arducopter Y6 Owners
"do you make the changes in mission planner or relocate the wires on the power distribution board?"
Dec 7, 2015
Joseph posted a discussion in Arducopter Y6 Owners
If i understand this correctly, the difference in the 3dr Y6A vs Y6B is the rear arm top motor spins opposite of the two front arms and lowers are reversed. When the B configuration came out it spins the all the props on top one direction (CW) while…
Dec 7, 2015
Joseph commented on Denis Krylov's blog post Xcompact project. Portable and flexible DIY frame.
"My understanding is the value of 3d printed parts is that advantage of rapid protyping. design it, build it, tweak it then have the parts CNC'd or molded to get the optimal strength and weight.
I think the cost of machining with a mill would be…"
Dec 7, 2015
Joseph replied to Damian Beristain's discussion Best Gimbal for tetracam
"You can try a cheap hobby king servo gimbal, I use one.

Seems like you have too much airframe fro such a small payload, why not invest in a more efficient quad?"
Dec 2, 2015