Y6A to Y6B is it as easy

If i understand this correctly, the difference in the 3dr Y6A vs Y6B is the rear arm top motor spins opposite of the two front arms and lowers are reversed. When the B configuration came out it spins the all the props on top one direction (CW) while the ones on bottom are spinning counterclockwise.

I've read the B configuration is more stable and want to try this with my old 2013 Y6A Can I just remove the rear boom and flip it over? Seems like the easiest solution.

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  • Simply flipping the boom will not change the rotation of the motors to how you want them. When viewing a motor from above, if its spinning CW when right-side up, and you flip it upside down, and view it from above, it will now be spinning CCW. Thus, flipping the boom will still have the motors spinning the same directions as before. You will need to swap two of the three wires from the motors on the ESC, or depending on the firmware, you may be able to reverse the motors through the ESC's firmware.

  • Just flipping the tail boom over will not be the solution; while the motors might spin the correct direction the numbering will be wrong from the point of view of the flight controller. You will also have to take the props off as the writing must be on the top of the blade. By the time you have done all that it would have been just as easy to change the wires on the ESCs, change the props and check the ESCs are plugged into the correct ports/pins.

    • Ok I've got it, I appreciate your help, I'll report back with how it goes later this week.

  • You'll need to relocate them on the flight controller. As the motor positions have changed.
  • do you make the changes in mission planner or relocate the wires on the power distribution board?
  • When I installed firmware onto my apm 2.6 it would install the A version only. What your asking about flipping the tail boom seems it would put the motors spinning in the right direction. Just relocate the numberING on the fc.
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