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3DR Specs??

Does anyone have specs for 3DR Y6?  I'm looking for dimensions on all parts, but mostly for the main plates.  I can't find any spare parts, so I figured I'd manufacture my own.  I have a second Y6, but it has the old original top plate and I'd like t

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Pixhawk reading 0V

Hi, guys.  I know the 3DR Y6 is not as popular as it used to be, but I still need some help.  I recently dusted off my Y6 and started using it again.  I even installed a new Hero4 for 4K video with a new lens (to get rid of the fisheye effect)...


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Y6 - Upside Down Operation

Hi All

Just been thinking about trying the Y6 frame but 'upside down'. So the single arm points to the front and the dual arms are the back.

Anyone tried this? or know if there would be any issues regarding stabilisation (e.g. yaw) with this setup. I'm

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Frame drawings?

Hi all,

Probably a stupid request but does anyone out there happen to have any drawings of the Y6 frame/top plates/what-have-you?

Just being lazy, I don't want to have to strip mine down to do measurements.  :-)

Thanks in advance

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self loosening nuts?

Hi everybody, I posted this in the general foru and didn't get any response. So I'll try here. I've just put together a Y6 DIY kit and when testing the motors(no propellers on) on the first spin of the motors all nuts flew off their shafts. The motor

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Thank you Y6b problem solved

I've been battling my new 3DR Y6B for 2 days. One motor wouldn't start up. Found that problem, I had the wire from the ESC plugged in upside down. Now that motor was working, but another motor was dead !!!

I remembered reading somewhere on this forum,

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Y6A to Y6B is it as easy

If i understand this correctly, the difference in the 3dr Y6A vs Y6B is the rear arm top motor spins opposite of the two front arms and lowers are reversed. When the B configuration came out it spins the all the props on top one direction (CW) while

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880kv motor issue

I am in need of replacing two motors on the Y6 and was concerned about a few things.

3DR's shipping for spares is very frustrating every order I placed with them this summer has taken 3 weeks. Kind of moot right now they are currently out of stock.

I f

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Power Distribution Board Question

I dropped this the other day and after changing the prop the lower motor stopped working at power, it would spin erratically.

After getting it appart I noticed a couple things the pins on the back of the board had been pushed together and some were co

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