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Jason Schreiber replied to Jason Schreiber's discussion Y6 - Upside Down Operation in Arducopter Y6 Owners
"Thanks Nigel.Yip, that makes sense
But if I wanted to use mission planner, set some waypoints, cirlce around a point with the single arm oriented to the front would it be as simple as rotating the flight controller by 180 degrees?

Maybe I'm…"
Sep 3, 2016
Jason Schreiber posted a discussion in Arducopter Y6 Owners
Hi AllJust been thinking about trying the Y6 frame but 'upside down'. So the single arm points to the front and the dual arms are the back.Anyone tried this? or know if there would be any issues regarding stabilisation (e.g. yaw) with this setup.…
Sep 3, 2016
Jason Schreiber replied to flying's discussion sold thanks
"Ever sell this? I'm interested"
Aug 5, 2016
Jason Schreiber replied to Gunnar Kulbotten's discussion Using UAV for an RF-antenna measuring range?
"Hi Gunnar
This is my first post too :-)
Yes, what you are saying is definitely achievable. In fact we are actually doing this right now. Yes you can get GPS coordinates from pixhawk.
check out www.idronesolutions.com.au
Happy to chat if you want (PM…"
Mar 9, 2016