Y6 - Upside Down Operation

Hi All

Just been thinking about trying the Y6 frame but 'upside down'. So the single arm points to the front and the dual arms are the back.

Anyone tried this? or know if there would be any issues regarding stabilisation (e.g. yaw) with this setup. I'm still new to Arducopter but I dont think there is an option to choose this type of setup.

I've included a pic (testing my mspaint skills) for clarification.


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  • In Mission Planner, the orientation of the copter between waypoints is independent of the direction of travel.  For example, When our pilots use Mission Planner they are always required orient the aircraft to 000 degrees (facing north) regardless of the direction of the legs of the grid the aircraft will travel. That makes things like photo stitching / mapping - or just browsing your photos easier.

    If you are talking about using a pre-defined mode like "circle" it will be coded to orientate inwards. You may need to do a bit of coding to reverse the orientation by 180 degrees. I suppose that's the benefit of using open source systems like MP.

    How hard can it be?  (famous last words) !


  • Thanks Nigel.Yip, that makes sense

    But if I wanted to use mission planner, set some waypoints, cirlce around a point with the single arm oriented to the front would it be as simple as rotating the flight controller by 180 degrees?

    Maybe I'm overthinking it ...

  • A multi-rotor doesnt really have a forward or backwards.

    Just reverse your forward/backward stick on your RC transmitter. Unless I am missing something?


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