self loosening nuts?

Hi everybody, I posted this in the general foru and didn't get any response. So I'll try here. I've just put together a Y6 DIY kit and when testing the motors(no propellers on) on the first spin of the motors all nuts flew off their shafts. The motors are placed correctly and there are not cw or ccw shafts difference. They just counter rotate because they are upside down.

I was wondering if anybody tried reversing all the motors so that the rotation would self tighten the nuts instead of self loosening them. In that case I was thinking that I should also reverse the order of the servo wires so that pixhawk still thinks that the motor that was supposed to be rotating in one direction is actually rotating in that direction. The only difference would be that the motor that the pixhawk thinks is on the top is now on the bottom.

Just tightening them well and adding some threadlock makes me really nervous, as at any minor loosening, the nuts and propellers would fly off

Any other suggestion, idea, experience or advice would be welcomed :-)

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  • I have never had a prop come off.  I do check that they are tight every time I mess with my motors, but I have not had any issues.  I do balance all my props, as vibration tends to loosen everything and cause issues on the video.  

    The motor reverse MAY (I am not sure, so I am using may on purpose!) affect your yaw, as the pixhawk will power up (and down) the wrong motors, so the craft could turn the wrong way.  Anyway, just a thought.  I have not tried it, so I am not sure if it would happen or not, but keep that in mind when you do...

  • Hi Julian , I've built a 3dr y6 kit 2+ years ago and haven't had any problem with prop nut coming off , just crank those prop nuts down good and tight and the pressure will keep them on , i also balance all my props to reduce prop-nut loosening vibration ,( i do that with everything i fly), using threadlock would help but make sure you don't get it on a plastic prop because it will melt plastic and your prop-nut will come off... fly safe & have fun ! Aloha Wendell.

    • Thanks! I'll give it a try as it is then, When I have a bit more time I'll try the motors reversal. It just feels like a time bomb waiting to go off, this self loosening configuration

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