Hilo, HI

About Me:

got into rc 15 years ago, now i do everything rc cars,trucks,boats,planes,copters,quads & hexas. Managed a Hobbytown in Lakeridge Va. for 2 yrs.Moved back to the Big Island of Hawaii year 1/2 ago

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

using it to get pictures and videos around the island in hard to reach areas and do some whale watching off the kohala cost during the winter.



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wendell austria replied to Mario D. Molina Castellanos's discussion 3DR Iris+ Motor won't start when armed in IRIS
"Try the throttle trim on the transmitter 1st , if not you might try a throttle calibration or check if there's any power running to the motors."
Jun 15, 2017
wendell austria replied to Julian's discussion self loosening nuts? in Arducopter Y6 Owners
"Hi Julian , I've built a 3dr y6 kit 2+ years ago and haven't had any problem with prop nut coming off , just crank those prop nuts down good and tight and the pressure will keep them on , i also balance all my props to reduce prop-nut loosening…"
Feb 27, 2016
wendell austria replied to Jeff Shoults's discussion New Y6b owner with transmitter troubles in Arducopter Y6 Owners
"Try switching channels with the right and left stick ... might be easier to use mission planner and recalibrate your transmitter , that way you'll see what's up with your radio and also a motor and transmitter recalibration since you switched…"
Jun 24, 2015
wendell austria replied to Christoph's discussion Happy new IRIS+ pilot in IRIS
" I built a y6b over a year ago , i liked the way the pixhawk worked so i used it in a second build in a quad frame...I picked up a Iris+ a month ago for my kids and to compare their RTF Iris+ to my builds....and it flys great , does everything it…"
Jun 23, 2015
wendell austria left a comment on Arducopter Y6 Owners
"Iv'e had my right top motor go out on y6b without any issues during a long flight .... the bottom motor took over so smoothly i didn't even notice it went out until it got close enough to notice ... even didn't notice anything on my fpv monitor…"
Jun 23, 2015
wendell austria replied to Local Idiot's discussion Is it just me in IRIS
"cool glad to know that."
Jun 18, 2015
wendell austria replied to Christoph's discussion Happy new IRIS+ pilot in IRIS
"i've been getting most of my parts from Amazon ... with Amazon Prime shipping it's all free...and found Iris+ batteries for as low as $35 ...getting a Iris+ 3dr case sent to me with free shipping all the way out here to Hawaii ...can't be beat."
Jun 18, 2015
wendell austria replied to Local Idiot's discussion Is it just me in IRIS
"does dji gurantee replacement of the inspire if it flies away like 3dr will with the solo?"
Jun 18, 2015
wendell austria replied to thomas g wallace's discussion y-6B won't lift off of ground on initial flight test. in Arducopter Y6 Owners
"if your using a 3s battery fully charged should be 12.6v...if its already dropping to 10.0v on throttle up it's close to voltage cutoff...i don't think a 3s has enough volts to give these 850kv motors enought trust to lift ...try a 4s 5000mAh…"
Oct 25, 2014
wendell austria replied to Steve's discussion Largest factor in extending flight time in quadrotor vehicles
"I find that using a lower kv motor with a higher voltage 4s-6s gives you a lot more flight time...i just built a t960 hexa with 4114-320kv motors running a 10000mah battery...17inch props ....depending on wind and weather fully loaded i'll get 30-40…"
Aug 16, 2014
wendell austria replied to James A's discussion Y6 Hot motors and ESCs in Arducopter Y6 Owners
"Brushless motor temps should run between 71-93.3C* /160-200F* safely ..the reason its hot at the base is because its not spinning and cooling like the rest of the outrunner it's also absorbing the heat thats travelling into the motor mount and arm…"
Aug 16, 2014