Is it just me

Im behind the times, but how did technology, lead us from a $40 battery to a $140 battery with SOLO. From a $200 gimbal to a $400 gimbal?

3dr wants to compete with phantom, thats nice, now its time to find all the parts they can make only available from 3drobotics

Any 3s battery would work, now you are in the model like dell? This is not the result of open source, this is the opposite, and I wish companies like 3dr would stop acting like they are in the open source.

The fact that the software is claimed to be open source means little, you've close sourced something pretty simple and at one time, kinda cheap, the battery. 

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  • No problem here as far as competing with Phantom! Their batteries for the new model run $140.00 and the batteries for the phantom 2+ won't work. Planned obsolescence at it's best. The thing I hate is 3dr's stated prices for a supposedly RTF drone are a big lie. $750 for the iris+ but if you want any of the features that make it a drone you into it for around Twice that. The Solo is even worse. $999 for what is always shown as a complete system but requires a $400 gimbal and a $500 dollar camera to even get the basic camera drone you see.AND you have to assemble it! And it probably requires extra components to complete the setup and I am not sure the gimbal is even available yet. They don't show it on their site and I could not find a listing for it anywhere.

    DJI's brand new phantom 3 is only $1279 complete ready to fly out of the box with a 4K camera. Little chance of competing at that price.

    To add insult to injury 3DR just lowered the price on the Iris+ to $599.00 and mine has never even flown yet! ARG!!

  • They are simply trying to create a least complicated and enjoyable product for the average Joe that wants to fly yet feels intimidated by all them wires. The fact is, if you want less cost, more customizable features and more difficulty then build your own.
    Yes, it's just you.
    • Save your money, rob a bank, do whatever you can to buy and inspire!!!!! Amazing craft!!!

    • does dji gurantee replacement of the inspire if it flies away like 3dr will with the solo?

    • Im sure there is a reason for that guarantee. It only took me 5 minutes today to watch 5 different videos of solos flying away. Actually I had a big crash with my DJI s 900, a faulty Imu and Pmu. I had a video of the crash and DJI requested it,they wound up replacing my s900 with a new unit. As long as I could prove it wasnt pilot error and they saw it was a hardware issue, they stand by there products. Does 3dr fly away insurance provide a lawyer to represent you in court when it flies away into a sue happy individual??


    • Wow Gregg that isn't anything like everybody else has to says about dji. Customer service sucks! MONTHS tp get warranty work if they will pay for it at all. And BTW my brother just lost his 3rd Phantom, gimbal and gopro. He has no idea on any of them for sure what happened. And he is VERY meticulous and carefully. He bought his 4th. He said it's his last next time it's a solo. Only reason he didn't this 4th time was he really wants it for his vacation filming next month and solo takes longer than that to get. Anyway... glad your happy with the customer service. That's a 1 in a thousand experience right there Gregg. 

    • cool glad to know that.

    • Learned my lesson with any product wether it be dji or 3dr, video every flight to CYA! Im not a 3dr hater, I own an Iris and an x8. Love the data logging. I just get pissed when a company pushes a product thru glitsy marketing videos and sways us hard working people to drop big bucks on a product that in my eyes really hasnt been tested thoroughly. Seems the war is on between DJI  and 3DR and each company trying to rush out product to get the upper hand.

      I will most likely wait a few months until  I buy a solo. The inspire had its issues with fly aways on auto take off, but now that that is cleared up, I bought one and all is good...well for now! 

    • Love the data logging.

      You betcha.

      To date has DJI publicly acknowledged a Phantom flyaway due to faulty hardware or software bug?

      How well does Inspire do autonomous flights using waypoints?

  • Actually regardless of what you are comparing, the Solo is too expensive for me...

    Especially once we get the $ = £ conversion here in the UK.

    DJI has the same problem with closed batteries but at least the Phantom 3 Professional with a 4K 3 axis camera is $1259 or so compared to a Solo at $1400 + $500 with a 4K GoPro. Mmm You have got to really want the extra smart shots to pay the premium...

    I guess I am not the Solo target market, as I would struggle to pay the extra for it over a DJI which already has ultrasonics and a vertical camera for optical flow, which is only coming sometime for the Solo.

    I will stick with my Y6 kit and Iris+ thanks 3DR, but you made the Solo far too expensive for me ;)

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