3DR Specs??

Does anyone have specs for 3DR Y6?  I'm looking for dimensions on all parts, but mostly for the main plates.  I can't find any spare parts, so I figured I'd manufacture my own.  I have a second Y6, but it has the old original top plate and I'd like to replace it with the one that supports the GoPro gimbal. Thanks

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  • The gimbal is fixed to the bottom plate not the top.

  • Hey Richard, I have heaps of new unused parts for Y6. PM me and let me know what parts you need and we can arrange.

  • I have a Y6 80% assembled and complete with all original part.  Bought new from 3DR.  I started building it a couple of years ago and never finished it.  Lot os spare arms for it too.  Reach out if interested in it.  I honk I have two or three unused batteries too.

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