HK/HMF Titus 600


just wanted to share my new y6 "leftover parts" as viable portable alternative to the 3dr y6.


HK Titus 600 (
Motor Mounts (
3x Air Gear 350 (seem like the same to
3x DJI E300
6x hobbywing xrotor 20a (
Pixhawk Lite (
Neos M8N (
USB Bluetooth telemetry (
Storm32 Gimbal

Build conclusion:
Solid frame, have not bothered with the motor mounts. But have had bad exp with tarot plastic mounts, they are too flimsy and amplify vibrations. The GLB mounts are okayish but order some locknuts for the screws of the mounts, they get worn out very easily. Frame is really small so consider mounting the esc on the motor booms sideways also as already mentioned if you have to change something you have to take the whole frame apart. When mounting the props upside down onto the e300 you run into troubles with std props (watch out for the dji shaft...). GPS antenna was mounted atop of a emi groundplane (dont forget to ground it) since all the esc and the flightcontroller was center mounted. Will test the setup soon with 4s 5000-8000 and straightn out the mix and match props.

Alt. Thread on rcgroups:



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