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Y6B no take-off power

As discussed on the wall, here is the dataflash log for my newly built Y6B.

I tried the auto analysis in MP and it seems to be saying:

Test: Thrust = FAIL - Avg climb rate 1.99 cm/s for throttle avg 850


The Y6B is using 10" props; the latest 3.2 beta;

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Y6 not currently available from 3DR?

Any idea what's up with that?  Is there a redesign in the works?  

Anyone?  Anyone?  Paging Mr. Anderson to the white courtesy phone!!

I was about to order parts for my bedragled Y6, but thought maybe I should figure out if anything is changing, first.

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Crash of the day report...

Here's a tip:  Don't fly one into the side of your house.  

Top rear motor failed, I think, but that doesn't explain it, exactly.  I've test flown on 5 motors before, briefly, and this was not that.   Anyway, all I really know is that in Stabilize mod

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