Compass/GPS without mast?

Does anyone have any practical experience with the compass not using the mast?  Just having it sit on the top deck?  I keep breaking the mast and at $10/ea, it is not a practical part.  I'm going to do a compassmot test later tonight or tomorrow.

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  • I performed a COMPASSMOT last night on my 3DR DIY Y6 (2013) with NO mast and got reading from 24% to 19%.

    My intial reading was around 24%, but after "cleaning" up the my OSD wiring (which was very close to my GPS and its wires) I started getting reading at 19%.  

    Thank you guys for sharing...I going to do some more "house keeping" on the wiring and see if I can get it lower. 

  • 99% of The GPS and compass interference is from the ESC and motors. Keep those lines twisted, away and inside a grounded shield.

    A grounded shield can be made from the aluminium tape sold for sealing forced-air duct joints. Ground by soldering on a wire to the foil (in one place only) or to a paper clip. Tie the wire back to the battery ground.

    • Late hit here, but I'm interested in where you put your ground shield, and how big you made it.  Any other posts or info you would care to share on this?  Thanks.

  • umm. Wow thanks for sharing so we all know you have no idea what you're talking about.

  • Maybe the best solution would be to determine why you're crashing to break the masts.
    • The reason mine was rolling over and breaking the mast (not to mention a few props) was 1) inexperience  2) the Y6B parameter default x and y trims were causing it to roll hard right which I didn't tune out because I couldn't get it off the ground high enough to switch to Loiter and recover  3) refer to 1

      No serious crashes fortunately.

      I've had two strange landings, one a RTL toilet bowl and the other a Battery Failsafe test where the copter acted as if it didn't know what altitude it was at and descended too fast, bounced up, tried to descend again and tipped stopping two motors and disarmed after some time. I had no control over it.  If there is a way to override Failsafe I didn't know what it was. Cause unknown, but as I'm finding out most issues are operator error in one form or another. In both of those cases there was no roll overs.

      Since then I reset to Y6B parameters, recalibrated every thing, double checked settings and radio; basically started from the beginning. Tonight I flew, ran Auto Tune and all seems to be well.

      Three items that are different mechanically: 1) CF props 2) changed out FC foam pads for Kyosho gel 3) strengthened the landing gear

      Overall I'm quite pleased with the present results considering I went into this totally blind. I really like my Y6 and after a few more weeks of flying plan on getting FPV. However, the [hopefully] last new mast will wait to get installed at that time. :) :) :)

      That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

    • If there is a way to override Failsafe I didn't know what it was.

      You can switch modes out and back to take back control during failsafe.  So for instance, if I'm in Loiter/GPS flight, and it goes into RTL, I can switch it to Manual then back to Loiter and land it myself.

    • How did you "test" the battery failsafe?  If you tested it by running it down, your probably ran out of battery power and it dropped as opposed to it being confused.  Koyosho gel should make a big difference too.

    • I simply set the battery failsafe to 15v and  RTL. Normally it is Land. For whatever reason it descended too fast and didn't hover about 3-4m for a time before it's final slow descent.

      I failed to mention it did the same thing in Land mode previously. That is why I decided to start over with everything from scratch in case I changed something accidentally in the parameters. One thing I don't like about MP is if you highlight a box in parameters (any one) and move the mouse scroll button or pad if laptop, it will change the parameter setting even if you click off of it. 

    • Oh believe me, every time a crash, I know exactly why.  The most recent incident was because I accidentally added an extra zero to ANGLE_MAX.  The moment I gave it some pitch/roll , it nosed over.

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