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y6 autotune problem

I have just tested my y6 in flight ,

Controller pixhawk

Esc afro 30a

Motors multistar 4220 390

Bat 4s 5000

All  up weight 2.9 kg

Prop CF 15" x 5.5

I have identified a problem that is lack of final RPMs., thinking that it a maybe a tunning problem , I tryed

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So, which gimbal to get?

the options I have as of now are:

Zenhuse 3d

DYS Smart3

Walkera G-3D

Quanum Q-3D

Xcam A10-3H

Feiyu Tech FY-G3 3-Axis

The main issue I keep reading on most of them is quality issues.  With any of these, I would use with the GoPro Hero 3, and I would need to

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3DR Y6 Crash Problem

Hi everybody, well,today I was working with Mission Planner, First I set a single mission and all was OK, then I decided to set a second mission, all was going fine, but suddenly the drone began to fall down and crash against the ground. I don't know

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Issues with YAW

So, I took the Y6 out for a spin this weekend, and i am now having some issues with the Y6 keeping steady on the yaw axis.  It is actually wondering, and the rudder stick input is not correcting enough.  Any ideas as to what it may be?  I already rec

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Firmware, Bad motor, ESC?

Hello, I posted this as a reply to a previous discussion I had, but thought I would start a new one too.

I connected my 3DR Y6 to Mission Planner, hoping to check calibrations, and I noticed the top back motor wasn’t spinning.  I just recently (a coup

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Just came back in from my first flight of my 3DR Y6, and I am happy to report 3 consecutive successful flights.  To be honest, it was not the first attempt (I tried that in Panama before I moved to Costa Rica, and it was a failure due to a bad ESC th

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1st custom y6

I am considering building my first y6 copter. I am in the process of making my list of items to get. Do you guys have advice on how to start. What parts are the good and what issues to look out for.

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Upgrade/Mod Input

I'm wanting to get a little bit more flight time out of the Y6, and maybe a little more power. I currently have a stock 3DR Y6. What upgrades would you all recommend? I've heard that having a larger pitch prop on bottom helps a little. Would I be abl

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Sky Hero Spy 750 Y6 build

I've been messing with this copter for a few months now. The biggest setback has been ESC issues with  KDE 2814XF-515 motors. Doing it over again, I'd bite the bullet and buy the $$ KDE ESC's made specifically for their motors.

After 4 different ESC's

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