Cache Maps Issues with APM Planner for droidplanner...Only creates maps.qmdb which droidplanner won't see

Apm planner caches maps using mapripper, in turn the only file i could find was a mapscache folder containing a map.qmdb file which has not work when trying to import into droidplanner for offline map viewing.

I have followed the github instructions, but the issue is i cannot find any form of tile saved by apm planner?

I'm currently running apm planner on OSX mavericks.

Droidplanner2 running on a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 with Kit-Kat.

Is there any way to cache maps using apm planner which result in tiles or would there be a special location it saves the tiles I'm not finding in osx? Or finally perhaps there is a way to use the map.qmdb file in droid planner2?

If all else fails would there be another method of obtaining the same sat maps as apm planner cache tile files?

Thanks in advance.


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  • Thx Bill for the hint. I have the same Problem. Can you please exlain how to cache the maps for offline usage?

  • Developer
    You need to cache the maps using Droidplanner 2.

    APM Planner 2.0 map cache is not compatible in any way with Google Maps on Android.
    • That makes sense, Thanks Bill!!! 

      Any ideas on how to cache maps in droidplanner2? Sorry for the questions, I'm new to this whole android thing as I've always stuck with osx or iOS, but recently picked up a tab for the sole purpose of using is as a ground control.

      I should say that it did work great on my first outing even without any map use, but offline map viewing would be ideal for onsite flight editing.

      Thanks again.

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