Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

I am mainly intereted in FPV. So beeing in locations your body normaly can not be. At present I managed the first step in building a hexacopter flying stable and reliable. My next step will be in defining a Y6 with FPV.


Darmstadt / Germany

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PK replied to Gabriel DeVault's discussion Mounting location of GPS mast question in PIXHAWK
"Hello Gabriel,
I have approx 30cm distance with the mast between the APM and the GPS with no problems. If you have yaw problems that could happen also if the Rotorbase is not correct adjusted. Please also check this when you are in Loiter or…"
Mar 24, 2015
PK commented on Roger Sollenberger's blog post 3DR Announces Release of Tower Flight Control Software, and 3DR Services, “The App Store for Drones”
"Since you implemented a User pre-flight check list, can you also add a post-flight checklist which is also user defined. So that the pilot can define by him self the checkpoints he/she would like to checkmark?"
Feb 12, 2015
PK replied to Craig P.'s discussion Cache Maps Issues with APM Planner for droidplanner2...Only creates map.qmdb which droidplanner2 won't see in Arducopter Y6 Owners
"Thx Bill for the hint. I have the same Problem. Can you please exlain how to cache the maps for offline usage?"
Oct 5, 2014
PK replied to John G.'s discussion my new book on how to build a drone is free this weekend!
"Perfect done, John. Thanks a lot for the Book! A clear 5 Star rating.."
Sep 21, 2014
PK replied to Marc Heberer's discussion V-Copter wie Asctec Falcon in German Ardu-Group
"Hallo Marc,
ich würde Dir davon abraten da diese Form bei schnellerem Geradeausflug (auf Grund des offenen V in Flugrichtung) zu Instabilitäten neigt. Wenn Du eine Kamera anbringen willst und einen entsprechenden Öffnungswinkel vorne haben möchtest…"
Sep 15, 2014
PK replied to Damo's discussion yaw not operating correctly in ArduCopter User Group
"Another issue that I have in mind is maybe the amount of log parameter. How much parameters do you log.
Only log what you like to test ..not more. During a flight today without logging my system I had the impression that the system was more stable.…"
Aug 27, 2014
PK replied to Damo's discussion yaw not operating correctly in ArduCopter User Group
"Hello Damo,

I am using the following setup:
Motor 2830-14 750kV from RC-Timer
ESC 30A with Simon K Firmware from RC-Timer
10x4,5 full carbon Props from RC-Timer
Spyder X4 Fame from RC-Timer
LiPo 3300mAh S4 nanotech from Turnigy sold by HK
With the…"
Aug 26, 2014
PK replied to Damo's discussion yaw not operating correctly in ArduCopter User Group
"Hello Damo,
If I look to your Video, to me it seems that the weight of your system is to high.
How high is your weight and what Motor / Prop application are you using?
...Or you need better Vibration damping to your Controller.
I am using that one…"
Aug 25, 2014
PK replied to Damo's discussion yaw not operating correctly in ArduCopter User Group
"Motor adjustment (Rotor level adjustment) “Yaw problems during Loiter”
I found out that this aspect is somehow mentioned in the manuals, but it’s important is not as high mentioned as it should be.
In the past I bought some frames from…"
Aug 24, 2014
PK replied to Gerd Lobmeyer's discussion Quadrocopter Flugdauer mit 2200er Lipo in German Ardu-Group
"Hallo Gerd,
ich denke 8 bis 10 Minuten sollten mit entsprechendem Setup fuer einen Quadrocopter mit 2200 mAh Akku moeglich sein.

Mein letztes Setup schaffte wie in den Bildern dargestellt 10 min."
Dec 8, 2013
PK posted photos
Oct 9, 2013
PK replied to Florian G's discussion Ist hier jemand aus Hessen dabei ? in German Ardu-Group
"Hallo Florian,
bin im Raum Darmstadt unterwegs... geht schon eher Richtung Rossdorf... Sich verabreden und mal zusammen fliegen und fachsimpeln warum nicht.
Gruss PK"
Oct 9, 2013
PK replied to Jens Backbord's discussion Arducopter fliegt! Aber 2 kleinere Problemchen in German Ardu-Group
"Hallo Jens,
ich hatte das gleich Problem mit Sonarsensor. Nach dem ich diesen nicht mehr verwende, habe ich keine Probleme mehr. Hast Du dein Baro mal ueber den CLI geprueft? Ist dieser OK? (ev ein defekt am Baro).
Sind die Flightmodes  ueber die…"
Oct 9, 2013