my new book on how to build a drone is free this weekend!

Hey guys, I just launched my book. Drone University, It’s an A-Z on how to roll your own autonomous airplane or multi-copter, and in addition includes recipes and tips. It has a lot of APM info!

It’s free for you this weekend, after that it’s gonna be $9.99. So get it now!

You can get it on your Kindle or Kindle app on your phone or ipad. Or use the on your PC or Mac or Linux. Basically, it’s everywhere.

And if you like it, please give me a 5 star review!

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Thank you!

I am downloading it now.



cool! glad you guys like it
Great information. Thank you very much

Thanks! nice job.

thank you sir.. I am downloading it now.. and will absolutely give you props for your effort.. good job..

Well, thanks...theoretically. Thought I'd actually be able to download the book, but silly me. Instead I get congratulations from amazon in my mailbox for the successful purchase and then I was able to click through half of amazon's security servers only to sit 10 minutes in front of a white flashpage waiting for any download button which of course didn't appear.

It seems that my browser rather loaded the whole book into some inaccessible cache through my mobile connection only to still not allow me to actually see, read or save the "book".

Well well, the future will tell, if purposefully castrated technology will win the evolutional race against technology....

Sorry for the rant, all the best to you!

any one care to share the book since it's not downloadable from my country region?

another link perhaps?

thanks in advance.

Hi John,

Great book covering a really interesting gamut of fixed wing, multicopter and FPV topics.

Much that I haven't seen elsewhere.

My Amazon cloud is much enhanced.

Best Regards,


I added another day of free! The free books will now end on Monday at midnight!

Can't seem to have a link for download (Europe) :(

Perfect done, John. Thanks a lot for the Book! A clear 5 Star rating..

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