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I am Program Director at a Digital Democracy, a small non-profit that works with marginalized communities to use technology to defend their rights. I have lived in Peru for 7 years working with indigenous communities in the Amazon Rainforest, and am now based in San Francisco continuing to support indigenous territory mapping projects and local community monitoring of the impacts of oil and mining in the Amazon.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

I work with indigenous communities in South America and I am interested in how they can use UAVs to help with mapping and environmental monitoring efforts, in particular monitoring oil and mining activity.


San Francisco

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Gregor MacLennan commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Using APM to help indigenous people monitor the rainforest in Guyana
"This is my username here on DIY Drones (I'm Gregor, from Digital Democracy), thank you to everybody in this community that helped me learn how to build a drone so that I could share that knowledge with the Wapichana in Guyana. I'll write a post here…"
Jan 2, 2015
Gregor MacLennan commented on Andrew Tridgell's blog post Terrain following added to APM:Plane
"Is there a way to download and process terrain data for a region and then manually add it to the SD card on the Pixhawk? We are using our drone in a remote area where the drone and GCS cannot connect to the internet, but we can manually carry data…"
Oct 12, 2014
Gregor MacLennan commented on Trung Nguyen's blog post Phantom FX-61 Flying Wing 114 km Flight
"When I type the details from @Trung's flight into ecalc.ch it gives a thrust-weight ratio of 0.31. Using the advice from @Reto Buettner I get a thrust-weight ratio lower than 0.4 for many combinations with 1:1 props. ecalc.ch says thrust-weight…"
Sep 24, 2014
Gregor MacLennan commented on Trung Nguyen's blog post Phantom FX-61 Flying Wing 114 km Flight
"@Trung Nguyen,
I'm also interested in testing a 6S setup with a spacer to move the motor rearward, would you mind sharing your design in Sketchup and STL too? @Minghao Bao if you have worked on it and improved it I would be interested to see. gregor…"
Sep 23, 2014
Gregor MacLennan replied to John G.'s discussion my new book on how to build a drone is free this weekend!
"Very useful book. I have been browsing this forum and others for a while now, but some things still made no sense for me and I could not find one place that explained things in a simple language. This is very helpful and thank you for making it…"
Sep 23, 2014