Mounting location of GPS mast question

Is it possible to tell the pixhawk the offset of your GPS mount location from the controller or CG? I would like to mount the GPS in the tail of my copter far away from the gimbal, ESC's and other sources of interference. However this means with 500mm of longitudinal offset, the copter will translate 1m if I yaw 180 degrees. I know my GPS probably isn't super accurate, but I'd still like to keep things as "pure" as possible. Any input is appreciated.

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  • Hello Gabriel,

    I have approx 30cm distance with the mast between the APM and the GPS with no problems. If you have yaw problems that could happen also if the Rotorbase is not correct adjusted. Please also check this when you are in Loiter or Position hold. There you can see if the Rotorbase of the props are aligned (on the same level and not angular against each other). To align, you may need to adjust the Motor Mounting surface of each arm. Please see my instruction added to this post.

    Best regards and happy flights


    QCopter Motor adjustment.pdf
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