Another new Y6B owner. Build is complete and getting first flight tests in. After a few minor tweaks after the various calibration steps I am down to what I think is my one hurdle. I have a fast counter clockwise spin although I appear to have a level platform. In my searches on this and apm copter forums my next step is to confirm that I don't have any motor out of vertical that could be introducing circular torque. Second is to do the motor tests- my first try I was denied from autopilot but I think that may be from the prearm button bring active so will retest that. I have checked all prop spin directions and esc calibrations.Now to my actual question-In my searches I came across a question asked back to the person about if their transmitter was in helicopter mode. My assumption was heli but after I saw that question I rechecked info and cannot find a specific reference one way or the other. I am in mode 2 helicopter- and before I get carried away with debugging my build I wanted to know what is the right tx model setting or if it matters? Just in case I missed something obvious.My thanks in advance to all.Brent

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  • Had a similar problem. My servo wires were reversed from my ecs to distribution board, made sure that motor one is in the first servo position. Your spectrum needs to be in airplane mode too. Got the setting 3dr from 3dr on a email . I also
    Just loaded the beta version of the software, was having flight issues , seems to have fixed them. Some things to try

    • Ryan,

      Regarding beta you downloaded, was this firmware for tx or is this beta for pixhawk?



    • Thanks for the update. I did swap back to airplane mode and recalibrate secs and radio for quick test this AM. Left rotation still there but I an not sure if my radio change correctly reset any settings on radio itself. Throttle seemed to have a very different feel to the curve with minimal thrust to about mid point then a very fast transition to power. I am new enough that it is probably something I've not done right. I am being careful on tx resets as I am trying to avoid losing my binding but maybe a factory reset is the right thing.

      I have not reloaded firmware so that is a good idea. I also saw a reference somewhere to checking esc firmware - you know if that is something I should be checking?

      Does anyone have or know what all settings would generally be as that may give me a way to check reasonableness on my tx values?
      Thanks to all for the willingness to help.
    • Brent

      What do you mean by "Left rotation is still there" ? are you referring to "I have a fast counter clockwise spin although I appear to have a level platform" from your earlier post?.

      Minimal thrust to the mid point and then very fast transition - you are most likely in Alt-hold, Loiter or similar GPS assisted mode. When you lift off you should (normally) be in Stabilised mode (non GPS assisted).  You must make sure you follow your pre-flight check religiously before each flight. It is good practice and will reduce these issues.

      We are lucky enough to have five 3DR Y6 platforms in service. The only time we can recall uncontrolled yaw (rotation) was when the motor order was incorrect (after converting a copter from Y6A to Y6B).

      When you do the motor test, check:

      • the props spin in the right direction, and
      • the motors are spinning in the right order
    • Nigel,

      My apologies for my lack of clarity. Yes, I was referring to earlier post on the counter clockwise yaw spin.  You might be right on alt-hold as the model reset I did on my tx to airplane did give me a new alarm that cleared on toggling my flight mode switch. Might have left that position out of stabilize. I didn't have time this AM to perform the motors test and I suspect motor sequence might be the issue. I previously confirmed spin directions (Y6B version) but not order as yet. Excellent pre-flight check - just because they are small doesn't mean you shouldn't treat them just like a real plane.  Thanks!

  • Hi

    Not sure of the DSX7 config options  - I'm using a Spektrum DSX9/AR9000 rx - setup is ACRO mode



    • Isn't "acro" the default model name on the spektrums, not the model type?

    • My bad, it's both. 

  • Hi Brent

    You should be in Aeroplane Mode - Helicopter mode is your first problem.

    After that, ensure your ESC's are properly calibrated.

    • Thanks a lot. After I saw that defence I wondered if I made a very bad assumption on the model. Will recalibrate after.
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