I want to go higher.

Hello all,Thank you for all the advice over the last few months. I love my Y6. I have a GoPro, with gimbal, FPV. I can actually see in real time what the GoPro sees. The components I'm using are all the standard 3DR kits. I have two questions though.1) I would like to go higher. The problem is I lose the video signal very quickly and then the radio flysky starts to beep because I'm out of range. So I'm guessing I need better antennas. Now 3DR sells clover antennas on their website so im guessing that's a good start for the video but what about increasing the range of the remote control? do I need to upgrade both the flysky remote FS-TH9x and the drone receiver. I know the flysky remote has a radio block that can be easily removed? Maybe i need a radio with more power?2) I definitely like loiter mode but every once in awhile I will practice with stabilize. It's like the Y6 is on drugs. I'm guessing the feedback gain to the motors is set much higher. What I would like is for the loiter mode to be a little more responsive to the radio. Does anyone know which parameters do i set? And is this a good idea.If anyone is interested, here is a quick flight over my college.http://youtu.be/X-rS6ccX9O4Again thank you for any assistance.Tim

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  • Thanks for the advice. I ended up purchasing two clover antennas and an signal amplifier that's sold on the 3dr website. It looks like POSHOLD is the next step.
    I'm hearing you loud and clear on the height restriction, it was probably a poor choice of words. Tim
  • I hope you're aware that you cannot fly above 300ft or so per the airspace regulations? And you know why? Because an aircraft can be there and it is not aware of your Y6.

  • Frsky now makes the L9R receiver, allowing ~2x range increase over the X series and 3x over their other receivers.


    Hybrid mode is now PosHold. I like it better than loiter.

  • Hi

    1) To go higher, the best thing would be better antennas.Adding more power will introduce more issues with interference. The secret to good wireless signal is well paired antennas and as low power as you can get away with. We have a wireless network with 1 link running over 26km on 23dBi grids and only using 64mw cards.

    2) There is a new experimental mode called hybrid mode. I'm sure it's only a matter of time before it's included in a future arducopter firmware release. You can manually compile it into your existing firmware with a little bit of effort.

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