Mounting sonar

Are any of you guys (or girls?) using a sonar module from the 3DR store? If so, how did you mount it?

They sell a mounting plate, but it's for the "Hexa-B", not the Y6. It looks like it goes between two arms of the hexa, and so wouldn't work on the Y6 with the greater distance between its arms.

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  • @Doug Walmsley and Daniel DiBona

    I have read that PixHawk cannot be configured to read from the sonar with the multicopter mode; haw did you set yours up?  I have a Y6 kit on the way, and I also ordered the sonar for it ( MB1040 LV-MaxSonar-EZ4 High Performance Ultrasonic Range Finderand printed a mount for it.  Are you guys running the sonar on the PixHawk?

  • I placed two 20 mm Mr screws into two metal rimmed holes on the baseplate. Two mounting holes on the Maxbotic 1240 EL sonar close aligned. I stabilized the son or board by securi.g it with two nylon nuts. Stable, out of prop wash, routed cabling around during ESCs.
  • Nickthecook,  I cut up the old landing gear that came with the frame and mounted it on my Y6 on the left hand side between the left front arm and the rear because the ADC connection port is on the left side of Pixhawk.  I only needed it to be clear of any obstacles, therefore I kept it relatively close to my main plate.  See picture attached.  


    • Thanks, Doug. I'll likely do something like that as well, looks good.

      Also looks like your Y6 has been customized a little bit... ;)

    • Yes it has.  I used the original landing gear and had a moderately hard landing and damaged my Tarot 2D gimbal system.  So I ordered the newer extended legs which help minutely but I felt the design to be infurior and set out to up the landing gear a bit.  Went with landing gear from (sku 105883) and the shell from  I also cut a piece of plexiglass as a base plate for the shell to tie wrap to.  Works pretty good and the over weight increase hasn't really made that much of a difference in flying time.  After all how can you gauge flying time in a mulitcopter where each flight consumes power differetly based on flight inputs.  LOL

    • Doug, off topic.

      You posted where you bought the landing gear for your Y6 but I can't find it. Would you please repost?


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