880kv motor issue

I am in need of replacing two motors on the Y6 and was concerned about a few things.

3DR's shipping for spares is very frustrating every order I placed with them this summer has taken 3 weeks. Kind of moot right now they are currently out of stock.

I feel like I should find a more common motor that I can order when I need them,  I really can't afford to change out all the motors and esc's at this point.

How would replacing the stock motors on the top of the booms with different mfg'd motors affect the power system?

Should I also replace the ESC's ?

Any suggestions for a suitable replacement motor for the 880kv 3DR motor with the 20a ESC?

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  • Any similarly rated motor should be fine, the flight controller won't know anyway, it's just interested in doing its stuff. I once had a quad with 2 2300kv motors and 2 1400kv motors and she flew albeit not very well until I realized that the supplier had mixed my order (dys make the same motor with different ratings). As long the motors have similar kv and current draw, you'll be fine and you can keep the same ESCs.
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