Does ArduCopter RC2 hard to fly?


I have been using the Alpha version for months now and everything seems to be fine, now I decided to give the ArduCopter RC2 a try, I uploaded it and configured it, everything is fine. I tried to fly but the QuadCopter is not stable, it is very hard to control, has anybody try the RC2 beta?


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  • This was my first test flight and i was using RC2 

  • Is RC2 beta the same as PiratesNG rev.527?

      I have been doing some bench testing with it and going through the config setup file.  As of right now It should be ready to go for my Quad.  I have flown less than 3 or 4  batteries.  I liked it.  The only problem was it had Yaw drift just enough to make it unstable.  The reason for the Yaw drifting was because of the compass.  U must get it all setup right or the compass will drift.  i noticed this while setting up the Xbee Telemetry.  Use the Artifical Horizion and compass to verify compass is not drifting and pointed the right direction with a compass.
  • I have a copy of RC1 here, send me a pm with your e-mail

    I will send it to you

  • Hello,

    I've experienced the same problems with rc-2. Rc-1 worked soo much better. I'm actually looking for a copy of rc-1 so that I can fly again..  Would you happen to have a copy of rc-1 you could send me? I've been looking all over the net. I seemed to have lost mine.


    Thank you,


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