• What ever came of this?  I am trying to set the Flight Mode of my APM 2.5 via Mission Planner connected over Telemetry.  Can not tell if the mode changes from what the mode switch is set too.

    I am looking for my setting the flight mode in MP to over ride the switch.



  • Thanks for the quick responses. I'm glad to see I wasn't the only one trying to get this figured out. It makes sense that your last input would be the primary mode. I figured for FPV flying with my quad its mode 1 = stabilized mode, mode 2 = altitude hold, mode 3 = position hold, and the channel 7 = RTL. I think this would be the best setup. Brian, like Dwgsparky said it is possible to mix two channels and get 5 or 6 flight modes. I believe there is a youtube walk through as well as a section in the arducopter manual. Thanks again everyone for the great info. I look forward to testing it all out this Saturday. I posted a picture of my quad. any feedback is greatly appreciated. 3692674668?profile=original

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    The mode is changed to whatever is selected or moved last, this why you can select from either the MP or the RC. You can mix. 2 channels on the tx. To give either 5 or 6 different modes
  • Dave,

    I've seem to have the same setup but with a Futaba. FYI, I'm still in the setup stage and had the same question. I have flown in Stable Mode, but that's it. So, back to your question. I have my 3 position switch for flight modes and the second on/off switch for the 7th channel RTL. also. I was able to check this out on my bench test. I would turn everything on on the TX and heli. Then plug into the PC with Mission Planner on.. then "Connect".. then click Flight Data tab and look at the HUD The HUD would show each time I switched the 3 position switch to the different modes and the second on/off (7th channel RTL) switch. Each time the second 7th channel RTL switch would override the 3 position MODE switch. !!!!!! Except !!!!! after switching to RTL I would switch the 3 position switch just to see what would happen... it would override the RLT to which ever to Mode switch to !!!!

    Like I say, I have not flight tested yet. Look like a sign of caution when switching the 3 position switch after the RTL switch is engaged.

    Hope this helps.

    Brian TREX 500 FB (MP1.2.38)

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