Does Mission Planner use GOOGLE Map???

I had this issue several months ago as well. I saw different pictures when I zoomed in. For example the picture Mission planner shows would be different (older dated) than the Google Earth (or Google Map) shows.

Or Mission Planner says "There is no Image at the zoom level" when you try to zoom in.

I checked and found this referenced thread but it doesn't offer a solution.

Why is this happening? What map does Mission Planner use?

And most importantly, can I chnage the map source Mission planner uses???

Obviously it is using outdated maps.


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  • Developer

    Mission planner uses as default Google maps but you can choose another on Mission planning window. Also if you don't have latest mission planner you might have some issues. At least updating to latest solved problems on my older GCS laptop.

    Google earth it's Google's own flagship software so naturally they are using latest images on their services. Mission Planner is mainly using license free maps so I doubt that Google updates those so fast compared Google Earth images.

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