Doesnt feel right

Hey guys, i fly a QAV400 with APM  2.5, ive noticed some odd flight characteristics such as when the copter tries to stabilize its almost rocks trying to do so, in a very fast fashion.

If i throw it full pitch forward, and let go it rocks before stabilizing. What could this be?

Also, another thing i find very odd or difficult is when i accelerate and pitch forward, the copter seems to drop altitude significantly.

Any ideas on these? Appreciate the help!

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  • ok I did the work for you just click and PID soon to need for a log...just experiment with them and write down your current settings and every single one you change to every time...KEEP A that if you get off track you can revert to a known good point and start again going the oppisite direction.

  • Kindly attach your log so experts can look unto it.

  • Your PI gains are off! I don't have APM but I know this is the fact for sure! You should be able to google APM PI gain setting and adjustments or how to....and I am sure you will find how to tune your system! I did and it looked to be the second or third link..... Good luck it can be quite the pain in the....

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