1.2.81 seems to be the live version, however the download links at the following don't seem to be the same version (and are typically lagged)






This one IS current, however isn't linked to by the wiki and rarely comes up on the google search:



Maybe I'm doing something wrong?  


Also, I'm looking for instructions on how to do this from the release notes:

"add support for passing tlog at command line"

I'm hoping this means you can specify where to log at the startup, so you can have startup links for each model? If so, I LOVE this!! Anyone have the pointer to the howto?

Thanks in advance!

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Ah, ok thanks Craig.  The text on that page says the last update was in August, so it didn't even occur to me to go ahead and grab the -latest.msi and give it a go.  Lesson learned for next time, thanks!

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