Drone Acoustics

I am currently conducting research on drone acoustics. I am particularly interested in drone detection and identification through the use of acoustics. I am seeking any information regarding hardware or software that is known to utilize drone acoustics for the purpose of detection and/or identification. I currently have a couple of drones to aid in my acoustic research. I am hoping to experiment first hand with high quality products such as sensors, microphones, or detectors. Any suggestions?

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  • Hello, Heather Johnson,  I am curious to know where you are regarding research on drone acoustics. 

    I have often wondered what usefull sounds or noises could be used to indicate need for maintainance,  or might want immediate attention.  Maybe sounds outside the range of human detection could be usefull ??

    How to sense and analyse such noises?

    Can you tell me anything about this?

    Best regards,

    Joe Homer


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