Hello, My name is Lieutenant Casey Kerwin with the Milwaukee Fire Department. My department is interested in starting a drone program and I was wondering if there was any one out there that may be able to assist me. My knowledge is limited and I am looking for general information on different types of drones and which ones would be best for my departments needs. As always, money is an issue but I am willing to look at all options. Thanks in advance for your time.  

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    • And by the time you get a COA, the incident will be over.  As usual, our government can't get out of it's own way.

  • What to you envision the UAV being used for specifically. Obviously it won't be carrying water.
    Is it simply to get a camera up high for a better vantage point?
    • Thanks for replying, Yes looking for drone to carry camera for a better vantage point of emergency situations, down the road i envision it carrying a thermal imaging camera, but to start, i think just the camera, the TIC camera might be a little expensive to start.  

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