Where are you going to put your content if you become a commercial operator or are you going to stick to just contract work.

If there was a site that was as easy as YouTube to upload and manage your content where buyers can go to see it, would you use it? Anyone interested could watch or purchase the video from you and the site would handle the transactions so you don't have too. Does this sound appealing to anyone and if so what would you change, add, or takeaway from it?

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I would be concerned about data rights, licensing, payment structure, etc.

From what you describe, it sounds like this would be set up as a way for people to browse and pay to download more or less "stock" images or videos, uploaded by operators? It is unlikely that operators who are performing work in an agricultural setting would be interested in using this service, since their data product will be relevant only to a handful of people who contract the service.

If there were something like YouTube that allowed for direct download of an image or video, with the same ease of use, I could see a larger number wanting to use this. The added value would the "handle the transaction" portion, as well as the "searchability" for potential customers using a common repository. Having a very good search feature would be critical, I would think. This would be an advantage for operators, since this takes care of a lot of web /SEO work they would need to perform if they wished to make the product available to purchase on their own (apart from contract work).

Very interesting idea. Look forward to hearing more.

I am envisioning it to be like YouTube but all the content is owned by the creators. Any user can publish videos or images to the site and make them available to view or purchase. This would allow for people who want stock footage to have a place to buy or get it for free if the creator so wishes. I am seeing this as a great thing for marketers and real estate professionals to get the footage they need quickly. I want to make something that gives creators and easy way to connect with professionals and consumers who want their work. I would like to get more feedback from other flyers and refine the idea before starting to possibly build it.

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