Lincoln, NE

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I enjoy learning more about the design and functionality of fixed wing and copter UAV designs, and I'm very interested in the ongoing development of different UAV applications for civilian use.


Lincoln, NE

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Taylor Thomas replied to Taylor Thomas's discussion Ideas on how to stream live video from GoPro, Solo, Controller, or tablet to the web during flight in 3DR SOLO
"Thanks a lot Daniel! This is very helpful."
Oct 7, 2015
Taylor Thomas posted a discussion in 3DR SOLO
An upcoming project requires that I be able to provide a URL with a live video from the Solo's GoPro.Since the solo app uses the solo's wifi network, a second tablet connected to the Gopro would likely not work..? If it would, I could use an app…
Oct 7, 2015
Taylor Thomas commented on JLJu's blog post Boundary Layer considerations
"Excellent post! This topic can be extended from aero (fluid) dynamics to meteorology and climatology. The concepts that explain the nature of air flow just above the earth's surface is analogous to air flowing over a wing or a rotor blade.…"
Sep 16, 2015
Taylor Thomas posted discussions in Nebraska UAVs
Sep 7, 2015
Taylor Thomas replied to Taylor Thomas's discussion Converting a Canon A 495 for NDVI using PublicLab.org filters in Nebraska UAVs
"Infragram.org is a free tool that allows users to upload raw images from a NIR camera, and produce NDVI (and other) images using the NIR and VIS channels. Below is a sample from my very first attempt at creating an NDVI image.

NIR Photo of…"
Sep 7, 2015
Taylor Thomas replied to Zsuzsanna Keresztes's discussion NDVI imaging with multispectral sensors? in Agricultural UAVs
"Hi Zsuzsanna,

There are lots of resources available here on diydrones.com that talk about NDVI and multispectral sensors for making this type of index.

I've recently looked through much of this, and there are many options for this. Two good…"
Jun 14, 2015
Taylor Thomas replied to Zack Mickler's discussion Skywalker X8 Black
"Hello Zack,

If not already sold, please text seven six zero 443 five 8 five 2. I would like to offer a price to buy your platform, and can pay via Paypal. I'm located in US.

Apr 3, 2015
Taylor Thomas replied to Charlie Pitkin's discussion Drone Video Site
"I would be concerned about data rights, licensing, payment structure, etc.
From what you describe, it sounds like this would be set up as a way for people to browse and pay to download more or less "stock" images or videos, uploaded by operators? It…"
Mar 17, 2015
Taylor Thomas posted a discussion
Hi all -I am having quite a bit of trouble getting the correct radio controls to show correctly using APM Planner 2.0 in Manual mode.I have flown the airplane in pure RC mode (no components connected to Pixhawk), and was successful.I have the…
Mar 17, 2015
Taylor Thomas replied to Taylor Thomas's discussion Trouble installing CHDK on Canon A 495 for aerial photography
"Thank you very much! I've seen a couple of these pages but not the rest. I'll be sure to work through the instructions for making my sd card bootable.

Thanks again,
Feb 9, 2015
Taylor Thomas posted a discussion
Hi all,First off I'd like to say how great a resource DIY drones has been for my drone project. I'm in the process of building a fixed wing drone using the FX-61 phantom and Pixhawk.I've modified a Canon A 495 for NIR using the publiclab.org filter…
Feb 8, 2015