Radio Calibration - Spektrum DX4e Transmitter, Spektrum AR400 Receiver, Pixhawk, and FX-61 Phantom

Hi all -

I am having quite a bit of trouble getting the correct radio controls to show correctly using APM Planner 2.0 in Manual mode.

I have flown the airplane in pure RC mode (no components connected to Pixhawk), and was successful.

I have the receiver connected to the Pixhawk with a 3DR PPM encoder. The right elevon is connected to channel 1, left elevon connected to channel 2, and the ESC is connected to channel 3. The transmitter is set up in standard configuration with throttle and yaw on the left, and pitch and roll on the right. 

When performing a radio calibration (and before), I can see the transmitter throttle/yaw changing "Pitch", and "Radio 5", while the transmitter pitch / roll changing "Yaw" and "Throttle". I have tried changing the channels, changing the RCMAP_PITCH (ROLL, THROTTLE) channel assignments in the full parameter list, but have not had any success, or even changed the way APM 2.0 is interpreting signals coming from the radio system.

Finally, and this is a "newbie" question, but given the limited # of channels I am working with, and the more basic transmitter, what would be the suggested way to switch from MANUAL mode to AUTO mode, etc.? I have an "ON / OFF" ACT/AUX switch to work with on the transmitter, but am not sure how to get this mapped correctly.

Thanks in advance for any input, advice, or suggestions. I am really excited to get this working properly, and owe a great deal to to my progress thus far on this project! 

AR400 receiver:

DX4e transmitter:


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