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Zeta Science FX-61 Phantom Build

This post documents the construction of a UAV based on the Zeta Science FX-61 Phantom UAV platform. The aircraft is molded of high quality Expanded Polyolefin (EPO) foam, and came with an electric motor and electronic speed control (ESC) already installed.The first step in assembling the fuselage of the Phantom FX-61 is to glue in the carbon fiber crossbar that connects the wings to fuselage. The servos are already installed in the wings, and simply need to have the control arms attached,…

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Converting a Canon A 495 for NDVI using filters

My goal here is to convert an off the shelf Canon digital camera into a NIR camera to be used to create plant health imagery.There are multiple excellent resources available for those looking to do this including, which is the source of the filter and a repository for a wealth of information on the topic, youtube (, and Instructable (**SAFETY** DO NOT TOUCH THE…

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