NDVI imaging with multispectral sensors?


I was wondering if anyone could share their experiences with the cameras and multispectral sensor that capable to do NDVI images about the crops?

I'd like to use this tecnology in our vineyard, but I don't have enough information about these cameras.

I find more options, tetracam micro mca4; MicaSense RedEdge or a Canon.

Thanks :)

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  • As Taylor said, there are plenty of posts about the use of NDVI, cameras, etc. But from my point of view there are no one who can point a successfull experience using this method to get better CROps. May be I'am wrong and I would Also like to read from somebody that had implemented it, how It was successfull, if It could be repeated, or something that can prove It's pros.

  • Hi Zsuzsanna,

    There are lots of resources available here on diydrones.com that talk about NDVI and multispectral sensors for making this type of index.

    I've recently looked through much of this, and there are many options for this. Two good options for a consumer/professional grade camera system for making NDVI images are outlined here.

    The first is to use a Canon digital camera (A 495 or similar), remove the filter in front of the sensor, replace the stock filter with either an infrablue or red filter, and then use a free tool such as Infragram (Publiclab.com), or more appropriate for the volume of data captured with UAV's, the NDVI plugin from Ned Horning for ImageJ. You would also need to load an intervalometer (photos taken at regular intervals in time). This can be done using the Canon Hack Development Kit (CHDK).

    The second option is to either use a self-converted camera or purchase a pre-converted camera from a store (Event38 or MaxMax), and then go through this same process or provide the images to a company such as Agribotix for them to convert to NDVI. Since you are posting here, I am betting that you will opt to go the former route.

    • Hi Taylor,

      Thanks for the informations, it is really helpfull to me.

      Have a nice day :)

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