Drone Wiring Troubles (4in1 esc with a Pixhawk 4)

Hello there,

I'm a 1st time drone builder and am having some troubles getting my head around all of the wiring.


Above is a picture of my schematics for the whole drone. As you can see in the bottom right, I have not yet shown the wires connecting the (4in1) esc to the pixhawk 4 as I'm can't work out which wire coming out of the esc goes where.

I think the 6 wired cable (Throttle signal input, s1-m1, s2-m2, s3-m3, s4-m4 & 5.3v output) connects up to the connections in rows and columns on the bottom of the pixhawk, but am not sure which to where. Also, I am not sure what I'm doing with the 4 wire cable (voltage detection, current detection & 5.3v output) coming out of the esc.

I've included 2 pics of schematics for the esc. The scanned one is the one which came with the packaging and the other is, I think, from the online manual.

5334424075?profile=originalAbove shows all the bits I'm working with. Any help on where I should be connecting these 10 wires would be much appreciated.

Kind regards,


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