Dual day/Night camera

I'm doing some research into search and rescue UAV's and want a day HD  and night 640 FLIR camera combo. Looking for something that could be mounted on the 3DR RTF with similar specs to the Hugin 1  X8 http://sky-watch.dk/technical-specifications-huginn-x1.aspx  

This seems to be a bit of a holy grail - is there anything commercially available that isnt outrageously expensive? 

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  • Have a look here:


    Flir,FPV and laser pointer in one protected package.
    Weight 1kg or 2 lbs.
  • Some BMW cars has a Flir, see link below.

    Look for a friend or autoshop or scrap, maybe you find one.


  • Do it yourself, I did, flyfoto-nord.no
  • You may wish to examine the Roswell Flight Test Crew's setup for their demonstrator hexacopter. A recent "viewer response" Q&A video outlines the expenses involved in that particular project. Short version, if the manufacturer hadn't donated the medium-wave IR camera module to them, they would have had to shuck out around $10,000 (no, that's not a decimal) to acquire and install it...and that's the least-expensive 640-line module FLIR Systems produces.

    The video in question can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LSq6NFzai9c

    So yes, it can be done, but one either needs fairly deep pockets or a marketing agreement with the manufacturer to put it together. And I don't know of another manufacturer that produces ambient-cooled, medium-wave IR camera modules that are small enough to install on a 550mm hex.

    Just my 2p worth. Save up the change for a set of nylon standoffs or something.

    (Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with FLIR Systems, nor with the Roswell Flight Test Crew.)

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