Durable reliable aerial videography drone. DIY FPV GPS MULTICOPTER PIXHAWK 2.4.6

I am Felix from Italy. My brother is a professional filmmaker but doesn’t believe in me to build him a professional drone.
I for my part have already bought a small DIY drone kit which I instantly fell in love with. I had to make some minor fixes after some initial crashes and read already much in this Forum. As my drone is a 100% manual controlled drone, I have already made some experience with flying.

Please help me build a professional drone (not necessarily a quad copter) which is preferably portable. It should be able to carry a mirror reflex camera (about 1.5kg). The most important thing of my dream drone is that it is fail save and will under no circumstances drop the precious camera which will be mounted (I know this point depends much of the person to control the drone but at least the drone should not fail itself).


Parts I already have:

--Pixhawk PX4 2.4.6 32bit Flight Controller -Set (important because I want to be able to control the drone via App (flight points))

--AT10 Radio Controller ( I might want to buy a new one, but I would like to use the old one to control the Gimbal) + Radiolink AD10 Receiver (will be used for the Gimbal)


--FPV Kit (3km reach)


--Professional Charger 


--5000mAh  3 S Lipo


Parts I still need:

  1. Frame (maybe foldable if this brings no disadvantages)
  2. Motor 
  3. ESC
  4. Radio transmitter and receiver
  5. Propellers
  6. Gimbal

    The Drone should be able to withdraw changes of the wind direction. 
    I am definitely no pro in the Drone business but I’m determined enough to be able to handle 99% of technical problems in the assembling process. If you have any suggestions or tips dont hesitate to tell me them.
    Thank you very much and I can assure that I will upload Photos of the process to support this awesome Forum!!


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Hi Felix

Just go ahead and start your build, i was unsure about my build, but my hexa is flying now..but it´s gonna take some time untill i´m gonna attach any camera/gimbal into it, lot´s of tuning and testflying to do before that  :)

"The most important thing of my dream drone is that it is fail save and will under no circumstances drop the precious camera which will be mounted"

For that you need to build hexa/octocopter, so that if it loose one motor, it can compensate with other motors and bring your gear back safely, but do remember that there is always a change for failure that will bring your rig down :(

Good luck :)

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