Easy glider UAV: List to do

Hey there,I found some useful info on this site. And i got a global idea of what i want and need. And please correct me if i am wrong.So i got this easy glider. List of what i need: ArduPilot 2.0, auto pilot, co-pilot, gps sensor, connectors for the Ardu, and the software. Wright?So what's the place to get all this stuff? And can someone please tell me if this is what i need to make my plane autonomous.I'm new here and would like to make a proper UAV, just for fun. And because it's just possible :DThanks,Ronald

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  • Thanks for the reply's. I know that it's a DIY, and i am comfortable with that. So maybe i have to look harder to find the specs. And i want to be sure i buy the right stuff. So i will make a list of everything i need. Exept the co-pilot, thanks to Joseph :D And this is why i started this tread.

    So thank you very much for the reply. Hope i can find all the things i need.

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    All the links to necessary components are on the ArduPilot home page. This is *DIY* drones--you're going to have to gather and assemble the parts yourself. Nobody is selling everything as a kit.
  • You shouldn't need a co-pilot, just the xy and z sensors.
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