Easy way to get 4/6 programmable autonomous drones (selfbuilt or not). Indoor or outdoor.

Hello guys,

I'm looking for a programable drone by software (OSX preference) to do simple movements...

4/6 drones is perfect solution for me... I read that outdoor in GPS mode is the best way so its ok for me, but preference for indoor... Does not have to be the cheapest option. I need a precise solution and easy programming because I am a beginner and have little programming skills.

Grafic code if possible.

Its for artistic propose.

Anyone can help?

Thank you...

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I can sell you 450 sized craft running pixhawk?

Yes if you explain how it works...
E-mail me - urbancityscapes@gmail.com

OG said:

I can sell you 450 sized craft running pixhawk?

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