EasyStar II and Easy Star Electronics Chassis

Quick FYI, if your wondering if the Easy Star Electronics Chassis fits the new EasyStar II.....it seems to fit just fine. Not as nice a fit as the original EasyStar but fits without any modification and with a bit more room available. Couple of pics below....

I'll do a more detailed post when its finished.




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  • Hi Christian,

    I didn't modify the chassis at all really - I held it on with 2 elastic bands which worked well and was secure.

    I really like the Easystar II, I lost the one in the picture in a tragic fly away incident (bad pilot!).

    I'm currently building a new one - I'm planning on integrating the APM internal to the Easystar this time so I can still fit the canopy on this time.

    Cheers Paul
  • hey, that's good to know, since I am thinking of upgrading from my Easystar I to the II and I like the camera pod.

    did you additionally adapt somehow the front of the pod to get a tight fit?

    thanks a lot,


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