• Have exactly the same question ?

    • I did try it once and got a copter wich was almost not flyable (it was flying pretymuch perfect with the default pid values). 

      so i tuned it a little bit maunaly...


      • Ok Johannes, today I did my maiden flight with my fresh build slow fly quadcopter ( 15' carbon props and 360Kv motor )

        I've enabled EKF function with the parameter "AHRS_EKF_USE = 1" and tried to do an Autotune but got an

        "AUTOTUNE ERROR: Bad Gains (failed to determine proper gains) " and the copter does nothing in the air.

        I will try to disable EKF and do again an Autotune invoke when the weather allow me to fly

        Did you use EKF finally ?

        Wich copter did you use ?

        Thanks ;)

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